Coupons are great for marketing, and you can easily and quickly create one or more coupons with this guide.

In fact, you do not need to install additional plugins, use a specific theme or anything else – the discount codes feature in WooCommerce is built in, and is actually incredibly easy to use, when you have just figured out where to click.

Discount codes in WooCommerce can be used for selling gift cards or if you want to promote your shop with a good offer. It is possible to make very simple discount codes, but also more advanced, so that you can both offer discounts on certain products or the entire amount that is in the shopping cart.

How to create coupons in WooCommerce

  1. Go to WooCommerce -> Coupons
  2. Click on ‘Add coupon’
  3. In the field that says ‘Coupon code’ you write what the discount code itself should be called – ’20PROCENT’, ‘BLACKFRIDAY’, ‘BIRTHDAY’ or the like. Below you can add a description, which can be smart if you are thinking of making many discount codes in WooCommerce, as you can see the description of the discount code in the overview at ‘Coupons’.
  4. At discount type you can choose from four different options
    1. Basket discount – here you can determine a cash amount you can save on the total price of the products that are in the shopping cart.
    2. Shopping cart % discount – here you can determine a percentage you can save on the total price of the products in the shopping cart.
    3. Product discount – here you can determine a cash amount you can save on a particular product you have for sale.
    4. Product % discount – here you can determine a percentage you can save on a particular product you have for sale.
  5. Press ‘Publish’ and you now know how the basics work with discount codes in WooCommerce!

Advanced features for WooCommerce coupons

Allow free shipping – Here you can choose that the user can get free shipping with the discount code. For example, you can also make discount codes in WooCommerce as “only” giving free shipping and not saving on the shopping cart or a particular product.

Coupon expiration date – If you do not set a date in this field, your discount code will work until you manually delete it. If your discount code is part of a campaign you are running, it would be a good idea to set an expiry date

Minimum order amount – If you want to make sure that the customer buys for a certain amount before the discount code is valid, the amount can be entered here. If you have products that cost less than USD 10, and at the same time have a discount code that gives a USD 10 discount, it may be a good idea to set a minimum order amount.

Maximum spend – This feature is the opposite of ‘Minimum order amount’. If you would like to set a max for how expensive a product or the amount in the shopping cart must be before a discount code with % applies, you can enter it here.

Individual use only – If you want to make sure that the discount code cannot be used with multiple coupons, you should check this box. It is, of course, entirely up you, if you want to use this features, but many webshops use this feature if it is a “public discount code” that is used in the marketing, so that one can not suddenly mix several discount codes in WooCommerce together.

Exclude sales products – This feature allows you to make a discount code that does not apply products that are already discounted.

Products – Should your discount code only be used for some specific products? Search for the products and select them.

Exclude products – If you have any specific products that you do not want the discount code to work for, you can enter the products here.

Product categories – If the discount code only applies to a specific product category, you can enter it here. If you have a webshop with clothes, and would like to have cleaned out in socks, you can, for example, make a favorable discount code and set it only to work on socks.

Exclude categories – If you have any product categories you are not interested in having a discount on, it can be chosen here.

E-mail restrictions – If the discount code only applies to a particular person (the person’s e-mail), it can be selected here. If one has made a discount code for one person that one is not interested in being able to work for others, this function will be smart.

Number of uses per coupon – With this feature you can set a max for how many times the discount code can be used – if it is used as a gift card, this must be set to ‘1’.

Restrict use to X products – If you have made a discount code that applies to the shopping cart, you can with this function choose that there must be a certain number of products in the basket before it works – This function is most made for % discount on the basket.

Usage limit per user – If the discount code can be used by the same user several times, you just leave the field blank, but if you want to set a max for how many times a single user can use the code, insert the number into this box.

Guides for unique discount code types

Sometimes you want to make more advanced discount code setups, and here the standard functions can sometimes be defective. Below you will find guides for more unique discount code setups.

Start date of discount code

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a start date on a discount code. It could be ideal for larger campaigns, so you can more easily plan the process, but unfortunately this is not an option.

3 for the price of 2 – cheapest product free

The classic supermarket offer is not a standard feature of WooCommerce. However, Lucian Florian has made a good guide for this – which you can find here.

Free gift is automatically added to the basket

The easy way to do this is to make a discount code with a 100% discount on a particular product, but unfortunately this does not help to add the product to the basket automatically. However, there is a plugin for this.

Automatic discount code that only new customers can use

Netflix, Spotify and Amazon all have free trial periods – it’s an easy way to get people to try their products. In the same style, it might be a good idea to offer a unique discount to the potential customers who have not dealt with you before.

This is not a standard feature of the WooCommerce coupon, but fortunately there is a good plugin that can address this challenge – unfortunately it costs a little.

If you have more questions for discount codes in WooCommerce, please feel free to write a comment below and I will help as soon as possible.

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