Voice Search SEO 2019 – Guide For Voice Searches On Google

Voice Search only gets bigger, and as early as 2018, 40% of adults used this way to search. Information, products and services are being searched for, and by 2020, half of all searches will be voice searches. What is Voice Search? Voice Search is the term for a search made with the voice. In this […]

WooCommerce Coupons – Guide For WooCommerce Coupon Codes

Coupons are great for marketing, and you can easily and quickly create one or more coupons with this guide. In fact, you do not need to install additional plugins, use a specific theme or anything else – the discount codes feature in WooCommerce is built in, and is actually incredibly easy to use, when you […]

Top 50 Local Citation Sites In Denmark For Danish Local SEO

Do you have a chain of shops, a restaurant chain or running another type of local business in the United States, Germany, India or any other place than Denmark? And do you want to move or expand your business to Denmark? If yes, you may know that citations is a big part of getting your […]