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AccuRanker Coupon

Are you just looking for the AccuRanker discount, and don’t want to read my full review? Maybe you already know the tool, and just want to get a good offer.

The 14 days of free access unfortunately only works, if you are creating a new account. If you are not enjoying the tool as much as I do, you are free to cancel the subscription anytime in the first 14 days.

AccuRanker Coupon Guide

Use below guide to get your 14 days free trial. It is a simple 3 step guide, that anyone can follow. If you have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.

  1. Get 14 days free trial by signing up with this link

  2. Connect the domain you want to track rankings for

  3. Add all the keywords you want to track daily

AccuRanker Review

AccuRanker is the fastest rank tracker in the world – but is it also the best? Reviews of the tool are saying that people like their pricing and features, but also dislike, that the tool only works as a rank tracker.


There are definitely more advantages and pros with AccuRanker than the opposite. Below I have listed the features, that I like the most.


AccuRanker is way cheaper than its competitors, but you still get the great features, that you would expect from a great, high valued, rank tracker.

14 days AccuRanker discount

The fact, that you can get 14 days free trial, with the above link, is a really good opportunity for new users, to try out the tool, before they buy it.


When you create your account, you can expect to get almost instant ranking data. You can manually update your rankings once a day to get the freshest data available.


No tool are perfect. That is why I also would like to tell about some of the features, that AccuRanker is lacking at the moment, and things that could be better.

Only tracks 100 positions

Previously the tool tracked up to position 500 (page 50 of Google). I would not really say, that anything above 100 are relevant, but it is still a downgrade, from what the tool used to provide.

No contact person

If you are used to enterprise tools, with a dedicated account manager, you should expect the same from AccuRanker. However, if you need help, their chat support are really good.

I always end up with AccuRanker, even though I have tested a lot of different rank trackers in my professional SEO career. This review will both show some of the greatest features, comparisons, and my opinion.

What I Look For

Before going into the actual review, I think it would be nice for you, to know what I am actually looking for when I need to find the best trank tracker.

Speed, user experience and features would be my top 3 things to look for. Of course, there are also other things, like pricing, support, search engines and so on, but the first three are my primary.

Speed because it can be very helpful to have a fast rank tracker if you are close to a deadline for a client.

User Experience because you probably want to share the account with others, not so SEO interested people.

Features because you are paying for the tool every single month, so you would expect it to be better.

Best Rank Tracker?

No matter if you have high demands on a rank tracker, or just want something simple to start with, this tool is a good choice.

The tool can be used as both amateurs and professionals, since it is very easy to use out-of-the-box, but can also be customized to fit advanced needs.

Especially the custom dashboard, filters and sorting, can be useful for advanced users – and you can connect the tool with several other tools.

Award-Winning Several Times

AccuRanker wins Search Awards

AccuRanker has been shortlisted for best SEO Tool several times in both UK an US Search Awards, together with The Cloud Awards.

Top Agencies & Brands Use The Tool

Kunder som GroupM, iProspect og Resolution

GroupM, iProspect, Resolution and Quisma are some of the agency brands, that uses AccuRanker, together with big brands like Bilka, SAS and Arla.

About The Tool – What Is AccuRanker?

A rank tracker for SEO. Their main USP is the speed of the tool, where you can expect almost instant ranking data.

The tool is built and made in Aarhus in Denmark, where the office is also located. It was founded in 2013 and has been updated a lot of times, since then.

The company behind the tool currently employs 12 people, if you can trust that their LinkedIn page is up-to-date. These people consist of developers, marketing, support, and more.


Below you can see some of my favorite features with AccuRanker, but if you read the full review, you will learn about all the great features, the tool offers.

✅ Daily ranking updates

✅ Easy API access

✅ Spy on competitors

✅ Fast chat support

✅ AccuRanker coupon

✅ See SERP history

Domain Setup

Have you signed up for your 14 day trial with my AccuRanker discount link, and are ready to set up the rank tracker for your domain and get instant rankings?

Adding a new domain to your AccuRanker account

The first thing we need to do is adding your domain, by clicking on the orange “Add domain” button. You will then see the following popup showing.

Adding a new domain to AccuRanker

The “Domain name” is the domain you want to be tracked.

The “Display name” can come in handy if you have several domains that look like each other – here you can type in what it should show in the overview.

The “Default Search Engine, Locale and Location” is only the default version you set here. You can change this for every single keyword if you want.

“Belongs to group” is a nice feature, when you get to a more advanced setup, where you have access to your clients’ accounts.

In the “Google Business Name” you should type in you GMB name, so AccuRanker can not only track your website, but also your GMB on local 3-pack etc.

Besides tracking your keywords, one of the most important factors for ranking with a local business, is keeping your NAP 100 % aligned across directories. “What is NAP?” you may ask. It’s about keeping your name, address and phone the same on all pages that mentions you.

Advanced settings when adding new domain to AccuRanker

You should probably not use the advanced settings when you set up your first domain. But some of there features could come in handy. Quite often I check the “Include subdomains” if I know my clients use subdomains.

Control panel for adding keywords to AccuRanker

Right after you have clicked “Save”, you will see a new popup called “Add Keywords. It is very simple to add new keywords to AccuRanker, but still, you got quite a few features to track them just the right way.

You can choose to change the “Search Engine, Locale and Location”, that you set up when you added the domain seconds ago.

You can tag your keywords. So if you have an eCommerce site selling tech, I would tag every iPhone keywords with “iPhone”, every AirPods keyword with “AirPods”, but also tag both the categories with the brand, “Apple”, for example.

In the “Advanced Settings” you can choose to star all the keywords, which is a nice feature to group all your most important keywords. You can also choose to “Ignore in Share of Voice” this can come in handy for branded keywords, where you don’t want to measure you and your competitors on your own brand.

Overview of tracked keywords in AccuRanker

After you click “Add keywords” you will be sent to your “Keywords overview” and after a few seconds, you will be able to see rankings for all the keywords you just added.

Easy, right?

Keyword Suggestions

When setting up the domain and your first keywords, you are able to get suggestions for which keywords you may want to track, after you have given the tool a few keywords yourself.

Even though it gives you decent suggestions, I would strongly suggest, that you use other tools for keyword analysis, and choosing which keywords to track.

My go to tools for keyword discovery are mainly Ahrefs, but StoryBase, Keyword Planner and are also great tools for this.

Import From Other Rank Trackers

Have you previously used another rank tracker like ProRankTracker, AWR Desktop, Serpfox, Rank Ranger, AgencyAnalytics, AWR Cloud, AuthorityLabs, Positionly, Link Assistant Rank Tracker, SERanking, SERPbook or HubSpot?

Luckily AccuRanker has a neat feature, where you can import all the keywords, tags and other things, that would be unique for your previous rank tracker.

Search Engines

You can track your keywords on several of the biggest search engines. Google is, of course, a no brainer, but if you can see that you are also getting traffic from Bing, you should definitely also track your keywords on that search engine.

If you have a YouTube channel, you should add your video keywords as well, so you can make sure that you are also ranking well on the worlds second biggest search engine.

Do you have a website that targets Russia and China, there is no way around Baidu and Yandex, and luckily AccuRanker also got your back on those ones.

For each search engine, you track a keyword with, this will count as “one keyword”, so if you have the 1.000 keywords plan, and track a keyword on both Google and Bing, that will count as two keywords.


AccuRanker tracking

A rank tracker’s main purpose is, of course, to track the keywords you input in the tool. However, if a rank tracker only showed you the current rank for the keywords, you would probably prefer another tool.

You have a lot of different data points to see on every single keyword. Below data points can be toggled to show/not show in the overview.

Table settings for rankings overview in AccuRanker

All above segments can also be filtered on, and you are able to set multiple filters on every segment. Want to see keywords ranking below 11 + search volume above 100 + FAQ SERP Feature present? It’s all possible.

Daily Updates

The tool will automatically update all your keyword rankings once a day. Other rank trackers only do this once a week, and if you are prioritizing special days like Black Friday, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day etc. weekly updates are not enough.

If you want to see the most up-to-date rankings, you can always manually update your ranks on-demand, as long as the automatically check has been done for 12 hours or more ago.

Even on some of the biggest enterprise tools, you only get rank updates once a week, so this is just another great example of the big value you get from the small price of AccuRanker.

Do you know if any other tool that has 24-hour updates on rankings? The only one I know is AccuRanker, and that is one of the reasons I like it so much.

Keyword Rank History

AccuRanker keyword rank history for coupon use

You can see a graph for every single keyword, showing how your performance have been since adding the keyword – you can also compare every single keyword with your set competitors.

Share Of Voice

AccuRanker Share of Voice

In AccuRanker you are able to compare your rankings with competitors. You can do this by looking into specific keywords and ranks, but you can also use the share of voice feature.

The share of voice shows you a gathered score of how many keywords (of the one you are tracking) that you are visible on, what are your rank on those keywords and what are the search volume.

This means you get a higher share of voice by having position 3 on a keyword with thousand of searches than having position 1 on a keyword with 20 monthly searches.

Ranking Distribution

The ranking distribution overview gives you insights on how many percents of your tracked keywords, that is in position 1-3, 4-10, 11-20, 21-50, 51-100 and “Not ranking”.

This is not necessarily the best way to look at performance since one single keyword with a high search volume, can be much more valuable than several keywords with 10-20 in search volume.

However, it is still a nice way to see how you are doing on rankings on specific areas on the SERP – especially the first two buckets, where you can see how many of your keywords that are on page 1.

Tag Cloud

Tagging your keywords is a really good idea. Especially if you are tracking several thousand queries. In AccuRanker this is very easy to do. You can do it directly in the tool, or when you bulk upload keywords from Excel.

After the tagging, you are able to filter your keywords on different tags, but you can also use the Tag Cloud to see how you are performing on one tag versus another.

Landing Pages

AccuRanker landing pages

When AccuRanker tracks your ranking, it, of course, also knows which page that is ranking. The tool uses this information to give you insight into how different URLs are performing.

Sometimes it can give you a much better overview to look on landing pages, instead of keywords. One landing page could potentially rank for several keywords, which is easier to notice when looking directly at URLs.

SERP Analysis

AccuRanker SERP analysis

SERP Features, like FAQ Schema, Featured Snippets and Local 3 Pack fills more and more of the first page of Google – giving less space to original 10 blue links.

AccuRanker is great for finding opportunities in SERP Features, that you do not yet have implemented or own at the moment.

You can see for every single keyword, what type of SERP Features that are present, but even more important, you are also able to get that view on keyword tags and URL level.

Change Associated / Preferred URLs

AccuRanker preferred URL

Do you have a problem with having the not-optimized page ranking highest for a specific keyword? In AccuRanker you can tag which URL that you actually want to rank for the specific keyword.

As an example, this can be very helpful as an e-commerce site, where you have a blog post ranking for a product keyword, where you would, most likely, want your product page to rank instead.

It could also be helpful if you are a blogger, that are posting several posts about the same topic. Is it actually the right post that are rankings for the optimized keyword?

Competitor Rankings & Data

Even with the smallest package, you are able to track up to 10 competitors, with the same keywords, that you are tracking for your own domain.

You can track their Share of Voice, keyword bucket data (number of keywords ranking in position 1-3, 4-10, 11-20, 21-50, 51-100 and not ranking), together with rank data on specific keywords.

Besides the 10 competitors, that you have manually set, AccuRanker will also show data for the 10 domains that shows up most often on the keywords you are tracking – your REAL SEO competitors.

Rank Tracking On Auto-Pilot

AccuRanker starred keywords

Besides all the cool things, that you can do deep dives in, you can also set AccuRanker to give you notifications or e-mails, if something interesting happens.

If you star important keywords, you will be notified if they reach/drop out of position 1, top 5 and page 1. If you have a specific filter of keywords, you always want to stay updated on, you can also set the tool, to send you daily reports on rank changes.

These features are really good if you are not a specialist in SEO, but just want to know if any of your good rankings have fallen, so you can contact a freelancer, or your in-house specialist, to get an update on what happened.


Reporting is a big part of a great rank tracker. Of course, you can use the insights, that the tool gives you, to know which pages should be optimized first – but maybe you know the saying “What gets measured, gets done”.


Dashboard with keyword overview

When you login to AccuRanker, you will see above view with all of your domains that you are tracking, and thereby get an upper-funnel overview of different data points.

Scheduled Reports

AccuRanker scheduled reports

Are you a Digital Marketing Manager, CMO or have a similar role, where you do not have time to look into all kinds of different tools every single day?

AccuRanker’s scheduled reports make it easy to get daily / weekly / monthly insights on how you are performing on keywords rankings.

Google Data Studio Connector

AccuRanker Google Data Studio

Do you prefer to get your ranking data together with other metrics, directly on a Google Data Studio dashboard? AccuRanker has a connector, that makes it really easy to work with the data you get from the tool, and showing it in a nice and clean way, directly in Data Studio.

If you would like to learn more about how to setup AccuRanker in Google Data Studio, I have written a guide on that, on their website.

Export Keywords

AccuRanker export

Even though AccuRanker is great for showing lots of data, directly in the tool, you sometimes have to get a bit more advanced. Luckily you are able to export everything from the tool, so you can work with the ranking data in Excel, CSV, PDF and other.

Google Sheets

As a really nice bonus, it is also possible to export data directly to Google Sheets. If you work with many keywords, Excel can sometimes be a bit slow – and here it is very helpful that you can export to Google’s spreadsheet solution.

Annotations & Notes

AccuRanker note

If you know Google Analytics, you know it can be very helpful to add annotations, if a big change has happened. This could be a migration, a new product category launch or other.

This is also a feature in AccuRanker. You can add the annotations to one specific keyword, or a range of keywords. However, you can also add it to the whole account.


AccuRanker API

If you are tech-savvy, you can utilize their API. This is not available in the smallest plan, but you would probably also track more than 500 keywords if you want to work with their API.


AccuRanker integrations

One of the greatest things about AccuRanker is its huge list of integrations. By integrating tools like Search Console, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics or Databox you able to get even more great data, together with ranking stats.

With the Google Analytics integration, you are able to see how much organic traffic, the pages you are ranking with, gets every month.

For Agency Users

If you are an agency, or just have several clients in your freelance business, AccuRanker would still be a great option for rank tracking – both for your own website, and your clients.

I use AccuRanker in my own company, where I am tracking my own keyword and clients on one single account, where I manage several domains.

However, as an agency, there is also the option to create sub-accounts from your main account. You can set this account to be paid by yourself or you can make your clients pay AccuRanker directly.

Transparent Data & Rankings

The great feature with sub-accounts is that your clients actually owns the data, and if you lose the client, you will be able to help them disconnect the integration with your account.

On the other way around, it is of course also possible for you to get access to the clients’ own account, if they already have one and pay for it themselves.

Personally, I like to be as transparent with my clients as possible, and therefore, this is a very nice feature, that other tools don’t have.

Not Perfect For Small Businesses

The opposite of a great rank tracker for agencies, is not necessarily a bad rank tracker for smaller clients. However, if you are a small business, AccuRanker may not be the perfect choice.

Yes, the rank tracker may be a best-in-class rank tracker, but their plans start with 1.000 keywords, and if you are a small restaurant owner or a niche B2B business, that is well over your budget.

I have listed several alternatives to AccuRanker if you read a couple of sentences more. Here you’ll may find a better choice for you, if your demands are a bit lower than 1.o00 keywords.

Fast Rank Tracker

Speed is always nice, but sometimes it is also really important. For a professional, it can be crucial to do rank checks in a short time.

If you have a client meeting in 30 minutes or need to do some final changes to a keyword analysis, before presenting it in 15 minutes?

AccuRanker self proclaims to be the fastest rank tracker. I have not tried every single rank tracker, but AccuRanker is definitely the fastest I have tried.

Instant Results

Rankings can fluctuate a lot, but if you do not have the most up-to-date, it can be very difficult to plan your day-to-day optimizations.

Together with the “Grumpy Tiger”-feature, you can always check for fluctuations, or if you are actually hit by an algorithm update from Google or Bing.

With other tools, that only have weekly updates, you would have to wait up to a whole week, to get these insights – and if you are hit, that can be a very important thing to fix.

Comparisons & Alternatives

There are a lot of rank trackers and SEO tools out there – and the list is ever-evolving. Personally, I enjoy utilizing a few great tools, instead of having a range of niche tools.

My tool setup is primarily consisting of AccuRanker for rank tracking, Ahrefs for link analysis and Sitebulb for crawling. Of course, I use more tools, but these three are my primary.

However, if you would like to try out some alternatives, you could take a look at Web CEO, SEO PowerSuite, Netpeak Checker or Alexa Marketing Stack.

I have tried several of the below tools, but I always end up returning to AccuRanker for rank tracking – they are still the best in class for tracking keywords.

AccuRanker Vs AgencyAnalytics

AgencyAnalytics is very broad tool, where rank tracking is just one of many features in their dashboard-solution. If you want to have an all-in-one dashboard-solution, AgencyAnalytics is a good choice.

AccuRanker Vs Ahrefs

Ahrefs has visual dashboards, third-party integrations, API, link tracking, notifications, data import, keyword tracking and more, but they have no free trial.

Read a full Ahrefs review from Moving Traffic Media.

AccuRanker Vs BrightEdge

BrightEdge has 10 times more users than AccuRanker, but has not public pricing – often meaning that it is more expensive, and suited for a more enterprise target group.

Read a full BrightEdge review from Stuart Kerrs

AccuRanker Vs cognitiveSEO

CognitiveSEO has slightly worse reviews than AccuRanker, but has a few more features regarding backlinks, content optimization, and penalties.

AccuRanker Vs Conductor

Conductor is a enterprise tool, for big companies with big budgets and SEO teams with more than a one-arm-army. If you can’t say yes to all three, you should look for an other tool.

Read a full Conductor review from John Lincoln.

AccuRanker vs Morningscore

Morningscore is an AccuRanker alternative, but with lots more features, like website audits, backlinks monitoring and SEO goals. Morningscore is 60 USD cheaper, if you compare their 2.000 keywords package, with AccuRanker’s same package.

Read a full Morningscore review from SearchEngine.Space

AccuRanker Vs Moz

Moz has notifications, free trial, link tracking, third-party integrations, keyword tracking, marketing automation, data import, dashboards and more, but their rank tracker is really slow.

Read a full Moz review from Matthew Woodward

AccuRanker vs Pro Rank Tracker

Pro Rank Tracker is a tool much like AccuRanker. They are focused 100 % on making the best rank tracker, and does not have that many features besides, their core. You will not find link analysis tools and other stuff here.

Read a full Pro Rank Tracker review from Upgraded Reviews.

AccuRanker Vs Raven Tools

Raven Tools is a bit more inexpensive, than AccuRanker. The tool also features other things, than rank tracking, like Link and Content Management.

AccuRanker Vs SE Ranking

SE Ranking has seen a falling growth since their competitors have more features. However, SE Ranking has some features in linkbuilding, that AccuRanker doesn’t have.

Read a full SE Ranking review from Xplorers of Fun or Digitally Up.

AccuRanker Vs SEMrush

SEMrush has competitor ad budget, backlink analysis, site health analysis, PPC keywords, competitor keywords and more, but you have to pay for the larger plan to get key features.

Read a full SEMrush review from Style Factory

AccuRanker Vs SERPStat

SERPStat has API, marketing automation, multi-users, keyword tracking, notifications, brand management, third-party integrations, dashboards and more, but their UX are bad.

Read a full SERPStat review from SEO Hacker.

AccuRanker Vs SpyFu

SpyFu starts at half the price of AccuRanker, but does not have a free trial. The tools gets decent reviews, but some of the reviews are questioning the accuracy of the data.

Rank Tracking Without Paid Tool

If you only want to track your rankings on a handful of keywords, there are better ways to track. Personally I would do it manually, and use a tool like, where you can search anonymously in Google.

However, if you work professionally with SEO, you would know that everything below a couple of hundred keywords is an unprofessional setup.

When you want to track several hundred keywords manually, this task would end up being very time consuming, and it would be better to just pay a small fee to AccuRanker.

Best SEO Tool?

If you only want one paid SEO tool, I would not recommend AccuRanker, since the only thing they do, is tracking your keywords.

When that is said, they are also the best in class for this single thing. If I should only use one SEO tool, I would go with Ahrefs. However, their rank tracking is lacking compared to AccuRanker.

If you need to track more than a couple of thousands of keywords, Ahrefs will very quickly become expensive – that’s why I would recommend a mix of AccuRanker, Ahrefs and Sitebulb.

Other Reviews

If you want to get the best rank tracker out there, you should not base your choice on one single review – that’s why I have gathered some other ratings down here, so you can make a better final decision.

4,8 / 5


165 reviews

4,9 / 5


108 reviews

4,7 / 5


99 reviews

4,7 / 5


91 reviews

Data from GetApp says that 99 % of online reviews on AccuRanker, is positive and 97 % would recommend the tool to a friend.

You can also check the data from Cuspera about which industries are actually using AccuRanker, and where it is popular.

AccuRanker top industries are marketing, design and media

Free Tools

AccuRanker has a range of free tools, and if you use my link you are also able to get 14 days free access to the tool if you want to try it out, before buying a subscription.

Google Grump

AccuRanker Google Grump

AccuRanker is tracking A LOT of keywords for all their clients worldwide. All this data is pretty valuable when comparing to changes in ranking on your own website and Google algorithms update.

The Google Grump tool is basically showing how many fluctuations there have been today. The data is from 30.000 random keywords, where 50 % is mobile and 50 % is desktop keywords.

If you have seen a huge drop or big jump in rankings from yesterday to today, you can always compare that to the Google Grump, and thereby see if it is due to a bigger update in Google (high fluctuations).

SERP Checker

AccuRanker SERP Checker

If you want to check how the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) looks like, from an anonymous point of view, the SERP Checker tool from AccuRanker is really good.

You can type in any keyword, any country plus a specific location. The last one is really good to utilize if you are a local business, or a countrywide company, with local shops.

Customer Service, Help & Support

You can expect great help and support from AccuRanker’s customer service. You always have access to chat, and the response time is normally pretty quick.

If they are not online when you write, you can expect an e-mail reply in a few hours at max. It also depends if your question is simple or more complex.

If you prefer phone or mail, you can visit their support page, where you can find contact information. You can also take a look at their help center, where your question is maybe already answered.


KeywordsMonthly BillingYearly BillingPrice per Keyword
1 k79 $71 $7,11 c
1,5 k99 $89 $5,94 c
2 k129 $116 $5,80 c
3 k179 $161 $5,37 c
4 k219 $197 $4,93 c
5 k249 $224 $4,48 c
10 k399 $359 $3,59 c
15 k549 $494 $3,29 c
20 k699 $629 $3,15 c
25 k849 $764 $3,06 c
30 k999 $899 $3,00 c
35 k1.149 $1.034 $2,95 c
40 k1.299 $1.169 $2,92 c
50 k1.499 $1.349 $2,70 c
60 k1.699 $1.529 $2,55 c
70 k1.899 $1.709 $2,44 c
80 k2.199 $1.979 $2,47 c
90 k2.399 $2.159 $2,40 c
100 k2.499 $2.249 $2,25 c

Last updated in November 2019.

Considering how many advances features, filtering options and integrations the tool has, I would say that the pricing on AccuRanker is really cheap.


The tools currently have plans where you can track everything between 500 – 100.000 keywords, and the pricing goes between 44 USD – 2.499 USD a month.

Pricing can go up and down, so I would recommend that you check out their own pricing and plans page, to see the current pricing for getting started.

You can change your plan from day-to-day, and there are no contract or anything you should worry about. If you cancel your account, you will still have access for the full period, that you have paid for.


If you are using my link to signup for a paid AccuRanker account, I will give you a 15 % cashback on your first month. The process is pretty simple:

  1. Use my link to signup for AccuRanker.
  2. Email me your welcome e-mails from AccuRanker and include the PayPal e-mail you want the money being sent to.
  3. I will send you 15 % of your first order.

The Company Behind The Tool

I have had the pleasure to meet the team behind AccuRanker, several times when I have attended the SEO conference BrightonSEO.

I only have good things to say about the team, both when you meet them at their booth, drink beers with them to the afterparty or ask them for help in the support.

For me, this is not alpha omega, when choosing an online tool, but it is definitely a nice bonus, that the people behind the tool, are actually cool people.


💸 Are There Are Any Coupon Or Discounts?

Yes, it is possible to save money on a one-year subscription, and you can see coupons on this post as well.

💵 Is AccuRanker Worth The Money?

AccuRanker is definitely the best rank tracker, I have tried. So yes, I would say they are worth the monthly payment.

🛠 What Features Does The Tool Have?

Daily ranking updates, fast chat support, API access, competitor data and much more.

🕵🏻‍♂️ Which Search Engines Can It Track?

You can track Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex and YouTube – all you need in one place.

📈 Can I Integrate Other Tools?

There are several options to add data from other tools, like Analytics, Search Console and many more.

Do you have any other questions, that have not been answered on this post? Feel free to post a comment, and I will do my best to reply in a short time.

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links. Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links, meaning that I will get a commission if you choose to continue your free trial to a paid subscription.

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